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Closed Circuit Camera Systems

video cameraAllSafe Integrated Systems offers a closed circuit television (CCTV) system to capture what the surveillance camera sees.

Our CCTV system features:

Video Monitoring Services

AllSafe can set up your existing system for video monitoring and program existing cameras, and/or add additional cameras as needed. We offer a variety of video services, including:

Video Verification

Using your existing cameras, we can view the premises upon activation of your alarm system. If a signal is received alerting us someone has entered your facility, our operators immediately log into your camera system and survey the premises to verify whether someone is there and then take appropriate action.

Virtual Guard Tours

AllSafe has the ability to log-in to your business camera system and survey the property at scheduled intervals, much like a physical guard service patrolling your property. Using your existing camera system, we can identify potential threats to your property and alert you of activity before the building is entered or damaged. Tours are available at monthly rates, or for a “per tour” rate.

Virtual Guard Tour & Video Verification Combination

Combine AllSafe’s virtual guard tour and video verification for a low monthly fee, or using our “per tour” rate.

Automated Virtual 24/7 Guard Service

AllSafe has the ability to provide low-cost video analytics to your existing CCTV system. Our video analytic service identifies people and vehicles on your property that don’t belong and immediately alert the authorities or you about their presence. This software can distinguish between an animal (such as a dog or a deer) and a human being. Our operators are immediately alerted to any potential threat through short video clips sent directly from a module installed on your system. You are able to view the video clips yourself on a computer at work or home.

For more information on all video services, contact AllSafe today!