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Access Control Systems

access control systems Access Control Systems are an excellent management tool to help protect persons and valuable data within a business environment.

Generally used in a commercial environment, Access Control Systems allow restricted access to all or a portion of a building. Employees and owners are issued a proximity card with an imbedded name and authorization level. The card is placed near a reader mounted at the protected door, when the reader recognizes an authorized user, the door lock is electronically released for a specified period of time allowing that person entrance into that portion of the facility.

Access Control Systems range from single door controls to a system that controls several doors with multiple levels of authorization. AllSafe Integrated Systems can help you determine which system best fits your needs.

An AllSafe Access Control System can be controlled by a designated computer on site or operated via the internet for convenient off-site management and reporting. The computer allows the company to add and delete users and create reports showing who entered a specific area and at what time.

In addition to key cards, AllSafe Integrated Systems offers:

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